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supa coo journal [entries|friends|calendar]

This is because I can spell Confusion with a K and I can like it.
It's to dying in anothers arms and why I had to try it.
It's to Jimmy Eat world and those nights in my car.
When the first start you see, might not be a star.
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[15 Dec 2005|10:49pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so the beginning of the night started out really nice.  ashley, ashley and i went tobagganing at spons flats.  we saw dave fox, jeff barned and bob keeler there.  we tobagganed with them for like 2 hours, we made a sweet ramp and such, and had a snowball fight.

after that, i made the gay decision of dragging the girls to the superstore, just to see justin. it was a fucking stupid idea. we were in the electronics and i was talking to justin and before i was in there i was talking to marli in refresh and so she came in and interupted our coversation and said "you're still here?" and i was like "yeah...ashley has to pay for her stuff".....and she said "hmm well let the woan pay for her stuff, i think youre keeping her here." obviously hinting i was there cause i wanted to talk to justin, anyways she said this all right in front of him and then she was like "so natalie told me she met your girlfriend." (i was telling marli last night how i met his girlfriend and i did not once call her ugly, i just said she wasnt the type of person that i thought he would go for.) but she stopped talking about it....she was probably going to talk about it when i left, so he would get really mad at me because she would tell him shit that i didnt even say.  so then she just kept saying little comments about me still being there and just being marli, the stuck up bitch that she is.....to say the least, it was horrible, it made me feel really bad, and i really really dislike her.

so after that we went to ashleys house, on the way, we got stuck a few times but nice random men helped us out everytime.  we watched the 40 year old virgin, which was nice, and the night ended on a pretty good note, so thats all i've got. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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[23 Nov 2005|01:18am]
[ mood | haha GIDDY ]

i am extremely in love with joaquin phoenix

thats all, just love

i am going to bone you joaquin phoenix


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happy birthday travis barker [14 Nov 2005|10:47pm]
[ mood | woo im happy ]

so i havent written in a few days and thats pretty much because nothing has been going on.

over the weekend we went to turveys get together and hung out with justin and scott and saturday we did dink all til about 11 and then went to brians house.  yesterday i went to work, came home and did nothing.

tonight was pretty much the 2nd last night groeny and i can hang out til she goes til peterborough(sad) so we hung out and had a grand old time....we went to my place of employment and her and ash met justin♥....they liked him, which im glad about cause it matters to me what they think.

then we went to walmart haha (were turning into mirella) and we had a gay old time there as well.

we went back to ashley teathers and watched tv and ate some snack.

i am overwhelmed with love tonight and i do not know why, i cant wait for the holidays and the wonderful spirit and happyness they bring and instil in everyone around me. SOO cheeseball i know but i cant help it....this year will be so delightful because i have so much to be grateful for.  and if i'm having a bad day here and there i have to always remember that, and remember that i have the most wonderful people anyone could ask for around me always, just making me feel over joyed, and content with my life. well, that is all i have to say for tonight. byeeeeeeeeee.


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[07 Nov 2005|02:55pm]
[ mood | blah ]

well i havent written in a few days and thats probably because of my arm, i havent felt like writing with it, but im used to it now and its better.

this weekend was ok. i was pretty tired, i worked everyday but hung out with my chillins (kar ash and ash) and that was nice. i cant really remember what we but i had a nice time.

yesterday i wrote somewhat of a song about jason.  its weird because i havent really done a lot of thinking about him for awhile but it thought id write it anyways when i'm done i'll post it. anyhoo thats probably it short post i'll probably write again later. byeeeeeeeeee


it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♥♥♥ [02 Nov 2005|08:50pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

today was a very nice day indeed.

it started out with me having to get up and go to a doctors appointment about my ahem....appendages haha.....then mom and i went out for breakfast at the upper deck.  i had a marvolous meal.  then i went home and back to bed til 1 and just didnt worry about school which isnt good at all. 

then after a bit of hanging around, i went over to ashleys and i had to go to walmart for more ribbon.  we had a grand old time once again and took some nice pictures with the christmas decorations there. i loved them all!!  i wish i could buy everything.  we also went to canadian tire and tried the moose horns there but they didnt have as good a sound as the MEGA MOOSE.  so we went back home and listened to christmas music haha and read college books....eeek scary

so now i'm home and taking care of mommy moose goose cause she doesnt feel very well and talking to my little bundles of joy kar and ash....cute little suckers. anyhoo i think thats all. byeeeeeeeeee



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blink's greatest hits out today!!!!! (p.s...he likes jimmy eat world) [01 Nov 2005|09:34pm]
[ mood | okay ]

wooo ok so today was a pretty alright day....first i spent it with the gorgeous and ever flawless karley jane, and then when i got home i finally got to talk to Scott Young.  we had sooooo much catching up to do it was so cute!!!  we talked about all of our old friends and it made me miss those times, its weird its like my times on ellen street when i was friends with those kids, so its always a sad/happy time when i remember.

then i went to work and i worked with justin♥.....yikes hes cute....hes like andre exactly...its weird.  he has a girlfriend but i dont care i like working with him and he makes working in electronics not bad at all so maybe i'll like it after all....well le coupe hasnt called me so i guess i'll have to like it lol.

so then i went to the mall and picked up blink's greatest hits dvd and cd and its wonderful!!! of course!!! haha brings back mems and makes me sad to know that they have a greatest hits record now.  In the mall i saw cody and he told me he works at zellers now...yeah go figure..matti works there so of course he has to be there with her too....ah well

so here i am just listening to my new cd and for now enjoying life.....until another obstacle arises....such as my moms surgery....which im super scared about but im trying to be brave cause thats what mom needs♥ anyhoo thats all i've got tonight...should be doing homework but nahhhh im pooped and i can do it tomorrow. byeeeeeeeeee


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